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Kuwait Petroleum benefits from the skills and commitment of exceptional people. We need the best talents to build on our success story.

In return, you will enjoy a supportive environment which offers outstanding opportunities for professional and personal growth, a work-life balance approach and a chance to help us drive the oil business with innovative solutions.

To strengthen the position of our Q8 headquarters, we need YOU and YOUR IDEAS!
Internship Sustainability Q8 Research

Internship Sustainability Q8 Research

The organization:
Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology (Q8Research) is part of the international oil company Kuwait Petroleum. Brands in the Benelux are Q8 and Tango. Key responsibilities of Q8Research include:

  • Product development for lubricants (automotive, hydraulic & industrial) and fuels.
  • Quality control for external refinery.
  • Represent Kuwait Petroleum in industry organizations like Concawe and Fuels Europe.
  • Providing services for the Kuwait companies amongst other in Kuwait
  • Benchmarking, Research and Development for catalysts in refinery processes (upgrading of heavy oil fractions and removal of Sulphur/Nitrogen).
  • Training on a variety of technical subjects both in Kuwait and inhouse.
  • Support the companies of Kuwait Petroleum Cooperation for Sustainable Operations by measuring/reporting direct Green House Gas emissions and development of company and product strategies for Europe.

The employees (35 in total) are working close together with the blending plants (Q8Oils, lubricants), the retail organizations in Europe and the refineries of the company in Kuwait. The internship will be done at the Q8Research location in Roptterdam Europoort.

Background information:
Global warming is currently a “hot” topic but in 2000 Europe already decided to develop directives to lower the GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Based on these directives, EU countries are currently developing and starting to implement roadmaps for the different subjects (alternative fuels, renewable fuels, energy efficiency). Since the ratification of the Paris agreement (COP21) the developments around GreenHouse Gas emissions are speeding up.

Kuwait Petroleum developed and implemented a protocol to measure direct GHG emissions of its European activities. Emissions have been measured and reported and the gained experience obtained during collection of the data was used to improve the original protocol.

Measuring the direct GHG emissions is only the first step. Next step is to develop the strategic direction for the company and develop management guidelines to support this.

Currently the operating units in the different European countries have different approaches to lower the GHG emissions. In general the approach is based on the customers of the company. In some countries projects to lower GHG emissions are only implemented based on compliance or an economic evaluation. An example is Holland (Tango) where customers want to have the best price. In Denmark/Sweden (OKQ8) customers also take the environmental performance of the company in consideration when choosing a petrol station. In these countries Kuwait Petroleum is working actively on lowering the GHG emissions.

The internship:
Kuwait Petroleum wants to adopt a pro active approach towards Greenhouse Gas emissions and Sustainable operation. During the assignment you will be part of a team of representatives (Focal Points) for the different Kuwait Petroleum operating units in Europe. The team will be working actively to develop management guidelines for direct GreenHouse Gas emissions in Europe. Your responsibility is to provide input during the development and prepare a proposal and presentation for Senior Management for approval.

An important contribution to reducing the carbon footprint is the use of alternative fuels on the way to low carbon mobility. The European commission have regulated that EU Member States enable the infrastructure for the alternative fuels including (advanced) biofuels, electricity, CNG/LNG and Hydrogen. Kuwait Petroleum is anticipating on the developments and has instituted a Centre of Excellence on Alternative Fuels. Key tasks of the Centre of Excellence are to keep abreast on the developments on alternative fuels in the broadest sense and to advise KPI management on their strategic direction related to alternative fuels. As the use of alternative fuels contributes to the GHG emission reduction, the Internship being part of the team of focal points will contribute to the work of the Centre of Excellence. Broadening the knowledge on selected alternative fuels relevant to KPI operations will be part of the job.

As part of the internship you will be asked to join or give input to all Sustainability subjects where different teams are working on like GreenHouse gas, Alternative fuels, Renewable fuels and the long term strategy plan for Kuwait Petroleum.

For this internship it's needed to be able to communicate verbal and written in both English and Dutch.
We are looking for a Master student with a Chemical or Mechanical Engineering study background.

The assignment is for a period of 4-6 months as from September 2017.
You can expect a market conforming salary including attention for your personal growth and development

Please note that it is difficult to reach the Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology building by public transportation only.

For more information on the assignment you can contact: Marianne van Vliet, HR Business Partner
Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology
3198 LS Europoort Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Email: marianne.van.vliet@Q8.com
Phone: +31 70 315 2627

If you are interested in this assignment you can send an email with your resume (CV) and motivation. After receiving the email we will inform you about the procedure.

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