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Corporate Legal Counsel

Corporate Legal Counsel


Based in the office in The Hague, to provide effective legal support to the legal department of Kuwait Petroleum North West Europe (KPNWE) and its mission in furtherance of the strategy and business interests of KPNWE the other Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) departments that KPNWE renders legal services.



On the request of the KPNWE legal department, the Legal Counsel conducts the following activities directed towards the related end results:

Corporate law activities:

  • To provide corporate secretary support to relevant Boards of the Group, including the definition and circulation of agenda, invitations, notes-taking and monitoring actions following the meetings.
  • To provide support to board directors on corporate governance matters including director’s liability.
  • To prepare corporate resolutions such as for board meetings, shareholders meetings, power of attorneys, etc.
  • To liaise with Notary Public for notarizations, apostille, translation and execution of public documents.
  • To assist Finance and Treasury in drafting resolutions accompanying Financial Accounts, Auditors Reports, etc.
  • To file documents and accounts at Chamber of Commerce.
  • To liaise with management to collect signatures in legal documents.
  • To assist and provide legal advice within projects for Acquisitions, Divestments, Mergers, Demergers, etc.
  • To manage Repository and Corporate Data systems like Legal Manager/Legisway, upload all relevant corporate accurate information and keep it up to date.
  • To provide legal support to Finance and Treasury for loans restructuring, recapitalization and mergers, guarantees and KYC’s.
  • To liaise with external corporate lawyers in countries where KPNWE has operations for corporate changes, filings, resolutions, PoAs, etc.
  • To liaise with KPI HO in-house lawyers to manage directors appointments/removals.
  • To manage corporate work related to incorporation of new companies and also dissolution/liquidation of existing companies.

Legal commercial assistance:

  • To review and/or draft all sort of contracts (intercompany or towards third parties), all legal documents as well as related correspondence, for all KPNWE served businesses and departments, with a special focus in Retail related activities in The Netherlands, and new mobility and e-mobility projects.
  • To review and draft legal deeds and documents for purchase, rental or superficie rights in The Netherlands under Dutch Law, with the aim to ensure proper land registration and protection of rights of KPNWE.
  • To coordinate and assist in the handling of legal proceedings / claims, by and against the company, including instructing outside counsels.
  • To keep the Legal Supervisor and the Management of the companies informed of new developments in legislation and jurisprudence.
  • To prepare the files in legal cases handled by the KPNWE legal department and attend litigation hearings in coordination with senior legal counsel To conduct know how research on a specific legal topic.
  • To assist and provide legal services connected to Tenders including to collect information from authorities, tax certificates, court info, etc.
  • To apply for legal permits and registrations for the retail and network development activities in The Netherlands.
  • To review bank guarantees and to prepare release letters of securities, in liaison with the Credit Control department and Treasury department.
  • To answer and/or advise all internal departments with all questions they might have.


  • To handle GDPR and privacy questions in The Netherlands, including CCTV monitoring and liaison with Police and authorities.
  • To contribute to enhance compliance at Dutch local level for the Dutch legal entities.
  • To contribute to create awareness in legal compliance topics including workshops for internal staff in coordination with Legal Supervisor.



  • Law Master degree
  • Familiarization with Corporate Law, Commercial and Notarial Law, Familiarization with Legal Corporate Compliance and corporate housekeeping systems
  • 8 years relevant experience as legal corporate counsel, preferably in energy or retail sector.
  • Familiarity with inhouse legal support activities.
  • International experience and orientation.
  • Languages: Dutch and English, both spoken and written
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